Recent happenings in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's full speech to US congress and its citizens.

Ukrainians flee Irpin as President Zelenskyy slams Russian Shelling.

Ukrainians flee as humanitarian corridor opened to escape Russian shelling

Urgent Causes For Donation

Reasons why you should donate

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Children Need Family

Help us place stranded/displaced children under good parents who would cater for them.

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Military Aid

As the Ukrainian military defend their land from invasion, they need your assistance to procure weapons for this cause.

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Support the Ukrainian Red Cross

Intense shelling from the Russian aggressors continue to rock cities in Ukraine, the URC are providing medical care and emergency evacuation of victims from affected areas.

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Support for Refugee Camps and Organizations.

Civilians fleeing the war zone would need to be absorbed into migration camps where they would be provided with basic amenities for survival. These camps need your donations absorb as much number of people as possible.

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Every helmet, bulletproof vest and night vision device save lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Thus, we must continue to support our defenders. Thanks so much everyone from the crypto community for supporting UKraine!!

Aid for Ukraine shows how the global crypto community and he traditional financial system can work together. Crypto donatins to the DAO are stored and governed on-chain, then transfered to FTX, a centralized exchange, to be sold for fiat USD sent via SWIFT to the Ukrainian government

This is not just the war against centralized regime, this is the birth of blockchain as a backbone of global security.

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